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Bibbins Hall at Oberlin College

Oberlin, Ohio Market: Education

Completed: August 2017

Bibbins Hall at Oberlin College was a summer renovation project to the Performing Arts Center. This $1 million project’s greatest obstacle was the aggressive 8-week deadline that was necessary in order for the Performing Arts Center to be able to receive its incoming college class.

The existing building required the existing mechanicals to be removed before any new renovation began. Humidity was an important factor that needed consideration in order to prevent damage to musical and sound equipment inside the Performing Arts Center. The new HVAC systems required a custom built energy recovery unit to control all humidity levels, general exhaust, and outside air requirements. The energy recovery unit was equipped with a chilled water coil, hot water coil, and a steam humidifier. The comfort control was provided by a variable refrigerant flow system. This system was connected to a temperature control system to allow the client complete control of the HVAC system. The project had many obstacles to overcome in this short time frame, however Bell & Blaire was able to complete the project on-time due to our expertise in project planning, offsite fabrication, and highly skilled workforce.

Bibbins Hall at Oberlin College