Project Management

Bell and Blaire offers extensive project management services as part of our commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation. We put a great deal of importance on pre-construction activities from the very beginning because we understand that the early decisions made have the greatest impact on the outcome of every project.

Our Lean management approach begins with pre-construction and continues throughout every phase of a project. Our highly skilled and dedicated team will provide insight about the project and make recommendations that will add value and maximize savings without compromising quality through a collaborative approach with the client. Our project management team is capable of meeting any project challenge and is committed to bringing projects in on-time and within budget. Some of our key project management components include:

Pre-construction Planning with Lean Principles

Pre-construction Planning with Lean Principles

We begin each project with pre-construction planning that is flexible and unique to each client with Lean concepts in mind. Our pre-construction planning services include:

  • Site evaluation to determine site conditions, constraints, and phasing requirements
  • Accurate and detailed estimates
  • Planning and coordination
  • Budget development
  • Life-cycle cost analysis
  • Product procurement schedules
  • Interchangeable scheduling that can adjust to the demands of the project and adjust to any changes during the construction process
  • Production of pre-fabricated mechanical assembles in-house with use of pre-fabrication and fabrication drawings for improved project performance
  • Fabrication planning to allow for on-time delivery and increased productivity
  • Materials recommendations influenced by budget and client needs



Our team provides a hands on approach that combines planning and design in order to provide a high quality, cost-effective product that results in a shorter project timeframe. Our design-build services offer:

  • A single point of responsibility for an entire project
  • Ability to design custom mechanical systems with focus on efficiency and long-term reliability
  • Smoother workflow with minimized conflicts and reduced costs
  • Enhanced coordination between designers and the construction team
  • The use of products approved by contractors


In cases where the project requires an abundance of mechanical construction with a strict budget, we recommend a design-assist approach. Collaboratively working with key trade contractors, we can create a smoother project, help lower overall construction costs, and deliver a superior result. Benefits of design-assist include:

  • Shared resources, knowledge, and experience between trades
  • Enhanced communication between trades resulting in reduced changes during construction
  • Reduce RFIs during construction
  • Custom solutions to unforeseeable conflicts


BIM 3D software

We design and coordinate each of our mechanical systems with the use of state-of-the-art 3D software leading up to and throughout various stages of construction. By designing in a digital building environment we:

  • Significantly reduce conflicts and revisions in the field through enhanced project management and communication
  • Make accurate performance and cost decisions during the design process
  • Enhance accuracy and efficiency in materials management and procurement
  • Improve worksite productivity and overall project return on investment
  • Decrease construction costs through fewer Change Orders

Value Engineering

We have the ability to take the original design, determine the scope of work, suggest cost saving recommendations and provide the best value by:

  • Maintaining or improving equipment operating efficiency
  • Improved savings in operating cost
  • Reduced construction budget
  • Evaluating potential cost saving alternatives



Although scheduling may not be considered a service for others, at Bell & Blaire we consider scheduling an important factor and feel it deserves a great deal of attention in the project management stage. Our scheduling approach allows for:

  • Thorough planning and coordination of labor resources and material to promote overall worksite efficiency and safety
  • Procurement management with timely delivery of materials and equipment
  • Punctual and timely equipment startups and commissioning to meet production demands
  • Guaranteed owner occupancy as scheduled